Let Us Pray For Those Whom are “Lost”


Let us pray for those whom are wandering lost. Let us pray for the intercession of The Theotokos, Searcher for the Lost for those that are wandering in depression, lost in addictions or (seemingly) unbreakable destructive habits, those separated from God’s Holy Church, etc… let us pray for those whom we love, the stranger, our “enemies” and even ourselves, that the lost may be found and guided back to the path that leads to our Father’s house!

Within the temple, O Temple of Life,
you found Him whom the universe could not contain,
silencing the teachers by the word of God,
Which is above the wisdom of the wise.

O all-pure Mother of God,
cease not seeking your children who are lost,
that we may treasure Christ in our hearts,
and find eternally our Father’s house.

-Troparion For The Mother of God, Searcher For The Lost


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