Divine Liturgy Live Streams

I pray that this finds you and yours in good health!
In these trying times, as communities strive to combat the spread of the Corona virus, public places have closed or been closed and gatherings of people have been severely limited or are outright being prevented. In its wisdom, the Church has been refraining from public Liturgy / Masses- but, thanks be to God, through the blessing of modern technology, Divine Liturgy is available via live streams from a number of sources. Among those I have found are those offered by the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy in Philadelphia, PA, St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Cathedral in Parma, OH, and Holy Resurrection Monastery in St. Nazianz, WI. (Liturgy of the Hours are also streamed from Holy Resurrection)

Most conveniently, these can be watched through Facebook- regrettably, my Facebook app and laptop aren’t playing nicely together at the moment, so I am unable to post direct links (my apologies). You can, however seek these sites out easily enough on Facebook and even sign up for notifications of when streams will be occurring, so that you can participate remotely.

I would encourage everyone who is experiencing the unfortunate -but necessary- quarantines to seek these (and other) resources out, for the benefit and blessing of remote participation.

May God bless you all in these difficult days with health and strength! 

An Update

I realize I haven’t been posting much in the way of content here over the last (how many?) months / year… it hasn’t been for neglect or lack of interest, but I have been dealing with some significant challenges- not the least of which, my child’s on-going life-threatening illness.

I am trying to post some inspiring memes and quotes so that I may in some way continue to reach out (and yes, I realize that’s not exactly the purpose of a proper page, but I always thought it was a good way to at least get some bits of inspiration out there on a more regular basis, especially considering the simple lack of time).

My sincere appreciation to everyone who’s showed support or interest in this page, and I ask for your prayers for healing and that the Holy Spirit may continue to guide me in furthering my effort here.