An Update

I realize I haven’t been posting much in the way of content here over the last (how many?) months / year… it hasn’t been for neglect or lack of interest, but I have been dealing with some significant challenges- not the least of which, my child’s on-going life-threatening illness.

I am trying to post some inspiring memes and quotes so that I may in some way continue to reach out (and yes, I realize that’s not exactly the purpose of a proper page, but I always thought it was a good way to at least get some bits of inspiration out there on a more regular basis, especially considering the simple lack of time).

My sincere appreciation to everyone who’s showed support or interest in this page, and I ask for your prayers for healing and that the Holy Spirit may continue to guide me in furthering my effort here.


Update to Events Page

I’ve recently uploaded the latest schedule of retreat dates for Holy Resurrection Monastery (in St. Nazianz WI) to the events page. Visit the page to view the list ( or for more information.