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My name is James Coulter…. I’m a layperson interested in helping others to learn about the Byzantine Catholic Church, and to discover the richness and holiness of its expressions and traditions.


The Byzantine or “Greek” Catholic Churches are those who are Orthodox in theology and liturgy and are in communion with the Pope in Rome.

To quote byzcath.org, ““Greek Catholic” and “Byzantine Catholic” are used interchangeably. “Greek Catholic” was originally applied to those Orthodox Christians in both central and eastern Europe and the Middle East who retained their Orthodox liturgy and theology but who restored full communion with Rome, which was lost in the centuries after A.D. 1054. The term “Greek” referred to the liturgy and theology of these Churches and the term “Catholic” signified their full communion with Rome. In the middle twentieth century (especially in the United States) it was thought that the term was confusing as it suggested Greek ethnicity. So the term “Byzantine Catholic” came into use, with the term “Byzantine” intended to be a non-ethnic counterpart of “Roman”.”



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    • I appreciate your support (and permission to use the pic 🙂 ) ….I’m going to expand on the directory as I can- It was slightly more time consuming than I expected, so it’s not as far along as I would have planned….but it’s going!


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