One Year In!

It’s been a year now since I’ve started on this project. Looking back through the rush of life and crammed schedules, I’m a little surprised I was able to make any progress in fleshing things out- but at the same time, I had hoped to provide much more content than I’d been able to over the past twelve months. Things remain a work in progress, and I do make an effort to add content as frequently as I can (particularly, adding churches and resource links at the very least).

I am grateful for the opportunity to do this outreach, and for all of the kind support given to both myself and the work at hand. I appreciate the feedback where it’s been offered, and certainly continue to welcome it in the days and months ahead (see the contact link on the header bar). I ask for your continued prayers, and again- my sincere thanks goes out to you all. May God bless you and yours!


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