3 thoughts on “St. Maximus the Confessor, a Saying…

  1. I suppose it is prudent to point out that I didn’t create the meme, it was sent to me with the intention of sharing it with our brothers and sisters in Christ.


  2. I ignore all “quotations” without citations to the source. Ie from which of M’s books is this taken?

    The “quote” originally was in Greek. I and every other reader deserve to know whether this is
    is any accurate translation, whether it is consistent with the rest of St M’s writings, etc.

    Some statements are true on the fact or it. When one cities a purported “author,” the blog writer is implying that the statement deserves reading primarily because St M said it. But since I have no idea who, other than the blog, said this, there is no reason for me to read it.


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