Isaiah the Abbot: Homily 22

“Examine yourself, poor man who has been baptized in Christ and in His death.

See what is in the death that He died, to know if you walk in His footsteps.

He is sinless and presents Himself as a model in all the paths He has taken.

He was poor, but you cannot stand poverty.

He had no place to rest His head, but you cannot bear being a stranger.

He bore his injuries, but you cannot bear the slightest pain.

He never returned evil for evil, but you cannot wait to return evil.

He never complained when He suffered, but you complain when you are made to suffer.

He even remained quiet when someone injured Him, but you are agitated even if no one injures you.

He made Himself humble, and consoled those who sinned against Him, but you strike back with your tongue even those who love you.

He bore annoyances with joy, and you are disturbed by the slightest new discomfort.

He is mild with those who fell into sin, but you are proud, even with those greater than yourself.

He gave Himself up to redeem those who sinned against Him, but you are not able to give yourself even for those who love you.”

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